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AMPI Group Limited is a leading international provider of online foreign exchange, contracts for Difference and related services.

The business scope

We are experts in leveraged trading, where clients gain financial returns by trading currencies, indices, commodities, energy and taking advantage of the ups and downs of market prices. Whether you are an experienced trader or a complete novice, we can help you navigate the financial markets freely.


Has long been a AMPI Group Limited are committed to provide investors with stable, secure transaction platform, competitive point is poor, convenient access to gold experience, professional customer service team, let the customer enjoy excellent trading environment, the most real market price is presented to the customer, and with the customer on the same interests, all the customer orders into the market. AMPI Group Limited with its good business reputation and professional services, AMPI Group Limited has repeatedly won the international dealer awards, and has been favored by more and more investors.

The leadership team

Our global business leadership team has extensive experience in online trading and is committed to providing advanced technology and quality services to help our clients succeed in the financial markets图片

Industry leaders

Nowadays, AMPI Group Limited has become the best choice for customers with high quality of service requirements. This is a proven fact: AMPI Group Limited has been recognized by the trading community in terms of trading experience and related evaluation. Major online publications, rating agencies and financial journals also gave positive reviews to AMPI Group Limited. Integrity and transparency are the principles that we uphold and are highly valued by our customers. Currently, AMPI Group Limited has tens of thousands of customers worldwide, and this number is still growing steadily.